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The countryside was bathed in sunshine this morning when I set off for my walk, very chilly but sunny. Daffodils nodded their pretty little heads in the cutting breeze and in the hedgerow new green leaves sparkled in the light.    I love this crisp mornings full of promise of better weather to come, as I walked up the lane I felt very thankful that I have beautiful places to walk and enjoy nature. As I mused on how lucky I am, I started to think of someone I know who is having a bad time at the moment and momentarily felt guilty for being so happy. I say momentarily because, I reminded myself that we each have our own experiences and it is not for us to hijack the experiences of others  as our own. We can offer help to others, if asked we can give help and support but the events we experience are ours, the events other people experience are theirs.  If we wallow in the sadness, worries or concerns of others we are showing ingratitude for the gifts of joy given to us.563574_496551137075930_1071319527_n