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Jewels on a Frosty Morning

frostyHaving missed my morning walk the past couple of days due to work and private commitments I was pleased to see this morning was dry and sunny albeit frosty. I actually like frosty mornings, the air always seems so clear and clean.  It was one of those wonderful mornings when the ice crystals were caught in sunlight as it streamed through the trees giving a totally magical effect. I trundled off down the lane, despite the miserable weather we have had the buds are showing themselves resilient as they start to clothe the hedgerows, primroses and daffodils are giving splashes of yellow here and there and the blackthorn has blossom (very important for those of us who make sloe gin). I decided to take a little wander into the grounds of the golf course. To my utter delight I found a huge patch of blue violets, there little blue jewel flowers brightening up a dark corner, there leaves edged frost diamonds. I adore these little gems. I remember  when I was a child there was a huge patch growing wild at the edge of a spinney on a neighbours  land just the other side of the brook that acted as a boundary between our properties, of course no brook (or hedge) acts as a boundary to children.  violets2 One day I came home and found the trees in little spinney had been grubbed up alongside all the other vegetation. The farmer had decided to incorporate the land into the adjoining field. I was devastated and cried over the loss of those violets. Of course as children we don’t understand that changes must occur, things and people come in and out of our life. That is the rhythm of this world. Anyway, today I had the delight of these tiny weeny little flowers that I find such joy givers.


Walking With Others

As anyone who has read my blog knows, I love to walk. Walking brings freedom, space to think, an opportunity to ‘just be’, peace and solitude. As a therapist I find I need some peace and solitude, walking allows me to leave other people’s woes where they belong. I do like to go for the odd long walk with friends. The onset of the month of March has brought some nice sunny days even with a chilly lazy wind (goes right through you, too lazy to go around) it has been good dry walking weather. My legally wedded has decided to walk with me the past three days which is nice insomuch it is nice that he wants to share my time but part of me wants to walk alone, it is what I do. Also I like to choose where I walk. However, on reflection I am jolly lucky to have somebody who wants to be with me. Today he wanted to walk to look at something he is considering purchasing and, suggested we walked to the showroom together, I was not keen but as I was able to ensure that the route we took was up my favourite lane I agreed. Life is like that, negotiation, give and take. Anyway I know that as soon as the weather turns again I will walking on my own. 🙂

Worries Come and Go


Today my walk took me around Hurcott Woods, it is a beautiful walk, the thing I like about it is I can walk the perimeter in approximately 45 minutes and get a decent workout with fantastic views. I start by walking along the pools at the bottom of the hill with the huge ancient oaks and chestnut trees banking on my left, firstly the big pool where the ducks, geese and coots live then the smaller waterways where trees grow out of the water like swamp land (no alligators in Worcestershire though ), then the climb that is bordered by a narrow country lane with high banked hedgerows. The wood at this end always reminds me of the forests I walked in, in Germany, the trees are all evergreen firs. At the top of the hill and all along the top of the wood are fields which today are a beautiful spring green as the early barley makes it’s presence known. WE then drop back down to the car park through bare prickly larch and silver trees standing tall and elegant.  Throughout the walk I noticed little pointy, green shoots, the promise of a carpet of bluebells later in the spring. I love bluebells! As I walked and observed these pointy little shoots it occurred to me that bluebells will have bloomed here for hundreds of years before I was born, and they will bloom again after I have gone. It matters not if I come and see them, they will push up through the earth in glory of colour. Long after my worries and anxieties have passed there will be bluebells. That is what I love about this country, no matter what else changes some things are constant … matters of nature just go on with or without us, sort of puts stuff into context doesn’t it?

single bluebell

Field walk 1The sun shone this afternoon hurrah! It wasn’t wet underfoot hurrah! The temperature rose to above freezing hurrah! In fact is was almost tropical at 5 degrees centigrade. So boots on and off I went for a nice walk. I recently noticed a signpost for a footpath I have not seen before, so I decided that today, would be an excellent day to investigate. I was so glad that I did because it took me up the side of a farm yard and out onto a field path. I was treated to loads of fresh air, nobody else in sight, beautifully ploughed fields, peace and quite. I even managed to see a heron as it took flight from a fishing pond I passed. I love to see herons and storks, I always think there is something prehistoric about them. Even though I am fond of  taking regular walks up a local lane and looking at the changes in the hedgerows, this afternoon was a real treat. It does us good to go to get out of our ruts now and again. The breeze blew away my cobwebs and I thought of some new ideas for a course I am putting together. Fresh air, exercise and new ideas, what could be better?Field walk 2



10 Good Reasons to Walk

  1. No matter if you take the same walk every day, there is always something different to see including people, birds, animals and plants. Buds appear, bloom, die and berries take their place.  Even the sky and clouds provide a picture of constant change.dandilion clocks
  2. Walks give us an opportunity to put some distance between us and worries or concerns. If we immerse ourselves in nature we can often forget our problems and woes. Also, a little distance and time to think often helps us to find a new prospective and solutions to problems.for  moms day
  3. Health benefits, some research suggests that walkers have less incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases.buttercups
  4. If you are unable to walk in the countryside find a safe walk where you live or work, you may get to know the locality better and meet interesting neighbours you did not know you had.sheep
  5. Walking to help us to loose and maintain our weight. Walking helps us to build healthy lean muscle, lose inches of fat, and pump up our metabolism; of course if we are walking for the purpose of losing weight we have to still use common sense with our diet.
  6. Walking in common with other forms of exercise can improve our mood and help with stress relief. Walk and other exercise leads to the release of the body’s natural happy drugs – endorphins.
  7. Walking is free!!
  8. You don’t have to have specialist equipment. Okay so shoes are important you don’t get far in high heelswelllies
  9. Unlike other forms of exercise such as tennis or badminton you don’t have to rely on other participating with you. If you want to walk alone you can. Of course some people prefer to walk with friends or walking clubs.bee on daisy
  10. You can wear a silly hat and crazy boots and nobody seems to notice.battered hat

Little things….

We have been experiencing a long cold winter here in the heart of England. I have moaned and groaned about snow and rain, I have grizzled about cold fingers, wet jackets and muddy boots and how I dislike the time between Christmas and Easter. So when I stomped off up the lane yesterday, muttering about the cutting wind, my frowns and misery were immediately melted when I came across some beautiful, delicate, little crocus shivering in the breeze. If these fragile little blooms can flourish in such miserable conditions, who am I to moan? Funny how little things can make us feel good isn’t it? The Creator Spirit has put lots of stuff out there to help us enjoy our journey here. Lets keep looking


Time and place

flooded fieldsToday I spent a lovely day with my sister who lives in Evesham, Worcestershire. The journey over to her house was lovely in the February sunshine, as often happens in the winter months, the river Avon has bursts it’s banks. I managed to take this snapshot of the meadows under water. I got to thinking, a lot of us love to walk or, sit by water and find rivers and lakes serene and calming. However, the farmers who, needed to move their animals out of this pasture land, and, have had to look at their fields under water for weeks on end are, probably not too happy, and, may not see a lot of beauty in the water on their land.

Life is like that, time and place is everything. However, in six months time when we have hot summer days the floods will be out of our minds and maybe we will be hoping for rain. Everything passes even troubles and worries.