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The countryside was bathed in sunshine this morning when I set off for my walk, very chilly but sunny. Daffodils nodded their pretty little heads in the cutting breeze and in the hedgerow new green leaves sparkled in the light.    I love this crisp mornings full of promise of better weather to come, as I walked up the lane I felt very thankful that I have beautiful places to walk and enjoy nature. As I mused on how lucky I am, I started to think of someone I know who is having a bad time at the moment and momentarily felt guilty for being so happy. I say momentarily because, I reminded myself that we each have our own experiences and it is not for us to hijack the experiences of others  as our own. We can offer help to others, if asked we can give help and support but the events we experience are ours, the events other people experience are theirs.  If we wallow in the sadness, worries or concerns of others we are showing ingratitude for the gifts of joy given to us.563574_496551137075930_1071319527_n


Second look

Two days of lovely sunshine yeah!! And today it was warm enough to go out without hat, scarf or gloves. Yesterday I took the field walk again and was really taken by the beautiful yellow moss on blackthorn in one hedgerow, I really cannot believe I did not notice it last week, bright yellow! I suppose even when we think we are observant, we can often miss what is right in front of us, so a second look at things is always worth while.

moss on hedge 1

moss on hedge 2

I also saw the first tree blossom of they year, such a welcome sight!

blossom 2

Who Are You?

iStock_000015747017XLarge (1)

“Hello, tell me, who are you?”

“Oh my name is Jane”

“That’s a nice name, who are you?”

“Well, let me see, I’m a wife and a mother I have two sons”

“That’s nice for you, who are you?”

“I’m a business owner; I run my own very successful IT business”

“That’s nice for you, who are you?”

“I’m a daughter, house owner, dog lover. My hobbies are walking, gardening and I go to the gym three times a week, what else do you want me to tell you?”

“Who are you?”

Come on a journey and start to find out who you are.

Places on this programme will be limited to six

This will be a participative programme covering a wide range of activities including discussion, inner journeying, and analysis of self and environment. We will explore our spiritual aspect, however, this is not a spiritual development circle aimed at developing mediumship or clairvoyance. Neither is there any religious aspect to the programme. Part 1 will be held over 5 evenings held in  weekly commencing on the 12th March 2013. 19.00 -20.30 hours

Venue; Kidderminster details available on request

Fee £35 which covers all five evenings to be paid in advance or on the first evening

For further information text the words ‘knowing me’ to 07506599894  or


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


10 Good Reasons to Walk

  1. No matter if you take the same walk every day, there is always something different to see including people, birds, animals and plants. Buds appear, bloom, die and berries take their place.  Even the sky and clouds provide a picture of constant change.dandilion clocks
  2. Walks give us an opportunity to put some distance between us and worries or concerns. If we immerse ourselves in nature we can often forget our problems and woes. Also, a little distance and time to think often helps us to find a new prospective and solutions to problems.for  moms day
  3. Health benefits, some research suggests that walkers have less incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases.buttercups
  4. If you are unable to walk in the countryside find a safe walk where you live or work, you may get to know the locality better and meet interesting neighbours you did not know you had.sheep
  5. Walking to help us to loose and maintain our weight. Walking helps us to build healthy lean muscle, lose inches of fat, and pump up our metabolism; of course if we are walking for the purpose of losing weight we have to still use common sense with our diet.
  6. Walking in common with other forms of exercise can improve our mood and help with stress relief. Walk and other exercise leads to the release of the body’s natural happy drugs – endorphins.
  7. Walking is free!!
  8. You don’t have to have specialist equipment. Okay so shoes are important you don’t get far in high heelswelllies
  9. Unlike other forms of exercise such as tennis or badminton you don’t have to rely on other participating with you. If you want to walk alone you can. Of course some people prefer to walk with friends or walking clubs.bee on daisy
  10. You can wear a silly hat and crazy boots and nobody seems to notice.battered hat